Stainless Steel Polishing

A quality finish, no imperfections.

Quality should never be a concern when it comes to your stainless steel products. Minor imperfections that exist at a microscopic level could not only be affecting the appearance of your material, but increasing the likelihood of bacteria being trapped below the surface.

Trust in the quality of PFD (PIT FREE DAIRY). Developed as an alternative finish to standard 2B, PFD (PIT FREE DAIRY) provides consistency from piece to piece, leaving your products free from imperfections. This intense polishing method removes all imperfections to create a true, smooth pit-free surface.

For even more enhanced surface consistency, SUPER4 (Single Digit RA) – is a 5-9RA polish that further reduces variation. This comes with proven RA consistency compared to other finishes.


A quality finish with Guy Metals means:

  • Easier cleaning: Reduced use of harsh chemicals or labor-intensive methods when cleaning your products.
  • Confirmed consistency: Forget that ‘checker-board’ look to your metal—we eliminate discoloration on the surface of your metal. From long to flat, we assure that finish is consistent from piece to piece.
  • Approved assurance: Each piece is inspected for quality before it ships.

Our polishing equipment includes:

Bar, Square, and Rectangle Polishing
1/8”-8” width and height

Pipe and Round Tube Polishing
½”- 8” diameter