Our Commitment To Quality Processing.

We take a different approach to processing. Our belief is that each piece of equipment should be specifically designed to maintain the integrity of the finish and preserve the purity of the metal. It is the reason we continue to invest in the research and development of our machines and our processes.

Stainless steel products are processed onsite and cut to the size and shape needed.

Our value-added services include:

Sheet and Plate Processing


  • Thickness 16ga – 3/8”
  • Width 48/60/72 wide
  • Length 55/600
Sheet and Plate Processing

Laser Cutting

  • Thickness: 22ga-¾”
  • 72 x 156 table
Sheet and Plate Processing

Waterjet Cutting

  • Thickness: Up to 6” plate
  • 180″ x 600″ table with dual-head gantries